An Informative Trip to Zaqatala, Mongolia

Trip to Zaqatala

An Informative Trip to Zaqatala, Mongolia

Trip to Zaqatala is one of the most attractive travel destinations in the Caucasian mountains. Located on the left bank of the River Derbu, the village of Zaqatala lies a few kilometers away from the Black Sea coast. The village is surrounded by impressive hills that seem to enclose the mountain villages in a tightly clustered cluster.

Zaqatala is home to many old monuments and cultural symbols of its bygone era. It is here that you can find the remains of the Dashnagid Ministries, the Islamic Museum and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. The village has a fresh produce market and a fruit bakery. Also featured are an exhibition center and an information center on the ethnicities of the village. Art and crafts specialists conduct workshops, one every month, in order to promote cooperation between the Azeris and the Caucasians.

Zaqatala’s main road, called Derbandar is lined with traditional houses made of mud and clay. These houses have, for centuries, served as resting places for nomadic tribes who make their homes on the slopes. The houses in Zaqatala resemble those of their ancestors. They are painted in earth toned colours to preserve their original features and designs.

A typical trip to Zaqatala consists of travelling up the valley towards the mountain village of Derbandar and then taking a three to four hour ride to the village of Zaqatala. One must take a bus or minibus to reach Zaqatala. If you prefer traveling by yourself, you will need to hire a guide who speaks English, Russian and Azerian. A good guide will also be able to help you find your way around the village.

Once you reach Zaqatala, your journey will begin by a short trek to the top of Mount Zaqatala. At the top, you will find a picturesque view of the surrounding desert and mountains. There are no shops in Zaqatala, so you will have to carry your own food and equipment. In the villages, you will find small guest houses where you can stay while touring the desert. It is possible to rent a travel trailer and spend the night sleeping on the ground in the sand dunes.

Your trip ends at the village of Zaqatala, where you will have a choice of staying either in one of the guest houses or in a travel trailer. Once you have collected your belongings, make your way back to the desert. The trip takes two days, so pack accordingly.