Plan Your Trip to Lepoglava

Trip to Lepoglava

Plan Your Trip to Lepoglava

The name” Trip to Lepoglava” means „Endless Plains”. Travelers who come to Croatia often end up staying in a small town called Lepoglava, also known as „Herrinci”. The history of this name is quite interesting. It comes from a Croatian saying which translates to „on the plains of gold”. The reason for the saying was because many of the Croats, like the Italians and the Bosnians, we’re always seeking new lands to settle in order to gain gold, which was considered to be an important asset at that time.

When the Black Sea coast started getting crowded, these adventurous souls decided to move into the Dalmatian seaboard. There they established a city which was known as Lepoglava. In the early 8th century, this town became the capital of the Croatian Kingdom of Magaluf. Today, it still serves as a port for cruise ships traveling to the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

The most popular activity that tourists can enjoy in this delightful town is cruising. If you are considering taking a cruise, then you will want to know all of the historical facts about the region so that you can better prepare your itinerary for this exciting travel adventure. While you are here, you should also try some of the delicious local dishes that have been created by Croatian cooks since the 7th century.

One of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed in and around Lepoglava is a day trip to the world-famous Dubrovnik Cathedral. This amazing historic structure was made during the medieval period. From the outside, the cathedral seems quite ordinary. However, inside, it is quite different. It is actually believed that it was built centuries ago as a meeting place for a select group of people who gathered there on a regular basis to discuss political, social, and religious matters.

Another wonderful attraction in the region is the City of Bled on the island of Brac. The name Bled simply means „the old city”. In fact, it served as an important trading center in the region and is still well-known for its beautiful Baroque architecture. Another great attraction in the area is the Roman fortress, Marjan. The story of Marjan dates back to the sixth century.

When you are ready to plan your next vacation, you might want to consider a trip to Lepoglava. This ancient community has many attractions that will appeal to both young and old alike. You will not be disappointed by the many activities you find in this lovely town. The people of this region have worked hard to maintain their ancient cultures and rich histories.