My First Trip to Vasilikos, Greece

Trip to Vasilikos

My First Trip to Vasilikos, Greece

One of my first experiences to a Greek Island was a wonderful Trip to Vasilikos. I had left my home in the United States and traveled towards this island with the hope of getting an amazing beach vacation. After my cruise in the Aegean Sea, I finally decided to spend a little time in this paradise, and I had been excited about this idea ever since my first sight of it. On my cruise, I saw the location of this island and I was even more excited to travel to it.

Trip to Vasilikos is the capital of Epirus, and is located on the northern part of the island. This beautiful island has numerous sandy beaches, and some areas are packed with the thick, black sand that locals love to gather in these areas during the day. The waters are also incredibly clear and blue, which adds to the ambiance of the place. The most well-liked activities in this area are probably spending the day lying around on the beaches and marveling at the fantastic views from the sand – and while there is definitely a lot to do, the best way to see it all is with the help of a local guide.

Tour guides are the island’s best assets when it comes to touring Vasilikos and other popular beaches. These helpful people know all the hot spots and the best places to go, and they are always happy to point you in the right direction. I have found two great tour groups that I would recommend looking into, which are the Vasilikos Tourist Association (VTA) and Argasi Tourist Agency (ATA).

I was able to get around Vasilikos quite easily due to the support from the VTA, as they have several buses running between Argasi and Vasilikos. I was also very happy with the arras agency, as they had a friendly, informative, and extremely knowledgeable staff who helped me get around and find what I was looking for. There are many places to explore and take in, including the famous beaches of Kavalo and Epirus (where the famous Argasi Beach is located). I particularly enjoyed taking a walk along the beautiful coastline to get a closer look at some of the more remote (and stunning) bays of Argasi.

The beaches of Kavalo and Epirus are more crowded than the beaches of Argasi and, as a result, the prices tend to be a bit higher. The good thing is that there are many bus and taxi services available to get around. If you’re not afraid of walking or of taking a bus or taxi, though, you can try out Argasi beach and Laganas beach, which are only a few minutes away from each other. They are both pretty much the same as the other, just with different starting points. The most important thing to remember when considering a holiday to Laganas and Kavalo in Greece is that you can visit all of them if you wish!

A few days after my first trip to Vasilikos, I decided to go back for another. This time I decided to stay on the island of Laganas (the same one I had visited before) for a week. I did not have a lot of trouble finding accommodation, as there are many great little hotels spread out along the coast. The most exciting thing, however, was taking a walk along the beautiful red sand that stretches for a good half mile straight along the beach, looking out onto the endless sea. My friends and I were soon lost in the beauty of the setting sun, admiring the caretta-caretta turtles swimming leisurely by, while the wind howled down the backside and the waves came and went.